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The Board may establish and appoint members to special committees, which shall be called under these bylaws AD-HOC COMMITTEES. The number of such committees and the circumstances requiring their establishment shall be based on necessity. The committee may also be formed based upon request by members of the church.


8.2.1 Candidates for this Committee shall be chosen by the registered members, who shall individually submit no more than five names to the Board. The Board shall then select seven nominees among those submitted and present them to the registered members of the congregation, who in turn will elect five among such nominees.

8.2.2 The election committee and audit committee shall be established two months prior to the election of the Board members.

8.2.3 It shall ask the congregation to nominate candidates for the Board, and shall be expected to screen nominees based on their qualifications.

8.2.4 The Committee shall screen candidates as per the qualifications stated in article 4.2 and present the nominees for vote by registered members.

8.2.5 Elected members of the Committee shall not run for election to the Board during their service.

8.2.6. Committee members should have been member of the church at least for three years and have fulfilled their membership responsibilities.

8.2.7 Candidates must have good standing with the Church, demonstrating, among other things, loyalty, non-partisanship, dedication, and good moral character.

8.2.8. The committee shall introduce the new candidates individually to the congregation with an account of their personal, educational and professional backgrounds. The committee shall, to the best of its abilities, take into account nominees are composed of wide ranging professions and skills to enable the board discharge its responsibilities successfully.

8.2.9. The chairman of the Committee shall report to the congregation the outcome of the election by announcing the newly elected Trustees.

8.2.10 The election committee shall be dissolved only after the newly elected board takes charge and after all church documents are transferred to the newly elected board. The transfer of documents to the new board shall take no more than two month after election.

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Annual Report : Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

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